Buying Expense Properties In Florida

I get asked weekly on how to build a solid cash buyer list of investors who actually move when they know of a good deal, these simple strategies have worked over and over again in my own real estate business. New investors are always torn between the old adage of “do I find a deal first or a buyer?”. After doing over 246 real estate transactions and 70% of them being wholesale I can tell you it is much easier to service a buyer who wants 100 houses than to sell 100 houses to 100 separate people. Let me share with you a few of the simplest ideas gurus charge thousands of dollars for in seminars, webinars, home study courses and live training events. These are actually quite simple and common sense if you let go of the intimidation of doing your first deal.

And that’s exactly the problem facing today’s prospective homebuyers; not knowing how to sort through all of the information that is offered to them when buying a home.

First, imagine that your marketing is working like it should, and you’re getting calls from highly motivated sellers anxious to get out from under their property. Further, let’s assume you’re already in the middle of a deal or two, and you have, say, a quarter of a million dollars tied up for the next few months.

By the end of the meeting, I had figured out that he had overpaid about $75,000 for the building, he had already wasted $200,000 trying to remodel it, and it was still $100,000 away from being finished. He had bought it 1.5 years ago and a large part of his costs was the interest on all his loans, related to this project. He was now broke, and in deep trouble, but in his mind, the badly needed money was coming.

In most cases, especially with smaller properties, the owners are simply looking to sell their smaller units in order to invest in larger income producing properties for themselves. This is actually the ideal terms in which you will want to buy your first few units. Most of the time, the buildings are in excellent condition with little or no need for structural repairs. These units are typically already rented with tenants in place and it is a simple turn-key sale.

I spoke with a woman who told me she had just lost her home in Florida. She is a realtor and has a nice home in the Chicago land area. Maybe in her fifties. We chatted about Land for sale in Ibeju and selling my two flat and somehow we started talking about doctors. That’s when she dropped the bomb and said she was uninsured and that she couldn’t afford to get sick.

The argument against Universal Health Care is that it will knock down the quality of our health care. But to the millions of uninsured in this country, some health care is better than no health care. I suppose it comes down to your view of America. If we are a country that takes care of it’s people then you believe that health care is a right. But if your view is that it is every man and woman for himself and take the more Darwinian approach of survival of the fittest–then we should stop all the pretense and just say good luck to people like this woman.

Not to mention that there is a great number of non Greek nationals living in Crete already. There is even an International Community association organizing activities and bazaars. Not to mention that Greece is one of these blessed places where films are not dubbed. In the Chania region there are at least 8 winter screens and two summer open cinema theatres where watching a film is an experience in itself.

When you received your Notice of Default in the mail, did you call your bank to see what could be done? Did you try to arrange a special payment plan with them to bail you out of the mess? And if you tried, were you successful?

Make it a regular practice to touch base with your clients and solicit their feedback and give your feedback on their performance. You’ll build a relationship that lasts for years to come.